H2 is an open-source lightweight relational database. It allows you to quickly have an operational database and its use is very practical during the development phase of an application. This module provides the H2 dependency and the useful H2 web console.


To enable this module, just add following lines to the pom.xml file of your project.



The following configuration keys can be used in the configuration file of your application:

  • voidframework.h2.webPort the listen port of the H2 console. The default value is 9002.
  • voidframework.h2.webAdminPassword the password to access preferences and tools of H2 console. The default value is null (disabled).
  • voidframework.h2.webAllowOthers specifies if other computers are allowed to connect. The default value is false.

Open the web console

Once your application has started, you can access the H2 web console by going to